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Are you curious about the end times but find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of theories? If that’s you, understanding is closer than you think. As believers, we share a common futuristic perspective on the end-times, including the Seven-Year Tribulation (Revelation 4 to 19), the Thousand-Year Reign (Revelation 20), and the promise of a New Heaven and Earth (Revelation 21-22). The confusion arises with the order of events surrounding the Seven-Year Tribulation.
Revelation 4 through 19 may appear disordered and perplexing with its many visions and complex symbolism. However, upon closer examination, we discover remarkable similarities and patterns. By comparing the passages in Revelation 4 to 11 and Revelation 12 to 19, we can identify 20 different events, of which 16 have matching visions. Astonishingly, these 16 matching visions unfold in precisely the same order, a remarkable occurrence.
One intriguing question that often arises is: When does Christ come? In the beginning, the middle, or the end? Surprisingly, as we explore the 20 events, we discover that Christ's arrival occurs three times: in Event 1, to empower His followers; in Event 8, to gather the faithful; and in Event 20, to end Satan's reign. So, the answer to whether He comes in the beginning, middle, or end is a resounding yes.
Another commonly asked question is how we will know when the Seven-Year Tribulation has begun. A clear sign is the invasion of Jerusalem, as described in Revelation 12:6, Matthew 24:15-18, Mark 13:14-16, and Luke 21:20-21. This invasion will result in the dispersion of the Jewish people living in Judea, indicating that the tribulation is on the precipice of starting. As we delve into all 20 events together, our trust in the fulfillment of these prophecies will deepen, providing us with greater understanding and insight.



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