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In my life's journey, certain moments stand out as turning points. Let me take you back to my late twenties as a fresh believer. I discovered that after embracing the realty of Christ's deity and His unparalleled sacrifice for humankind, the Bible seemed to unveil its truths with clarity. 


Yet, in the midst of this newfound clarity, there lingered shadows of uncertainty, particularly the prophetic passages that seemed to me like an intricate puzzle with missing pieces. My then-pastor, with his wisdom and patience, often ventured into discussions of these future prophecies, attempting to explain how events will unfold. But, for me, it remained a complex maze, a tangle of mystery of stories that seemed just beyond my grasp. 


It took an encounter with a church elder, a chance conversation, to kindle a spark within me. He introduced me to an intriguing notion: the appearance of the Seven-Year Tribulation, not once but twice, in the Book of Revelation. That revelation, if you'll pardon the pun, ignited an insatiable curiosity within me. Over the subsequent three decades, I've immersed myself in the study of Revelation, often elevating its teachings to my weekly sermons. 


In my endeavors, I’ve noticed the mystique of Revelation 4-19 has persistently captivated the young and the old, and people from all walks of life. Beyond mere fascination, a profound understanding blossoms from two divinely-inspired accounts, unveiling an undeniable and profound realization: a promised bounty awaits a few watchful souls, while an unsettling fate looms over the many, either uninformed or nestled in their complacency. 

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