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If you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of theories surrounding the end times, don't worry, understanding is within reach. The intricate details of the Seven-Year Tribulation may initially seem overwhelming and perplexing. However, upon a thorough examination of Revelation 4 through 19, a remarkable revelation emerges - there is not one, but two accounts of the same seven years. The first account, found in Revelation 4 through 11, comprises 22 visions, while the second account, in Revelation 12 through 19, consists of 23 visions. Remarkably, there are 16 matching visions between these two accounts unfolding in precisely the same order.  


This incredible coherence cannot be mere happenstance; rather, it attests to the divine nature of these prophecies. It is as if God Himself has laid out the visions in a clear and concise manner, ensuring our comprehension of the unfolding events. Through the study and comparison of these two accounts, we gain a deeper insight into the prophecies and their eventual realization.   

Reflecting on the days of Noah, we recall that only eight people were prepared for the impending flood, and they were saved because they heeded the warnings and entered the ark. Sadly, the majority of people ignored the signs and missed their opportunity for salvation. In the present day, Jesus cautions us that His return will resemble the days of Noah. Therefore, we must be wise, attentive, and prepared for His coming, ensuring that we are ready to meet our Maker when the appointed time arrives.

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